Z- Extra

(Competitive Pricing Available) 

Available in:

  • FR

    • 12 gauge (28”, 29.5”, 31” 32” barrels)

    • 12 gauge (34” barrels) - Price on Request

    • 20, 28, 410 gauge (29.5”, 31” barrels)

  • MR

    • 12 gauge (29.5”, 31”, 32” barrels)

  • HR

    • 12 gauge (29.5”, 32” barrels)


    • 12 gauge (34” barrels)

Please note a $60.00 shipping charge will be added to the price of the gun.

Due to firearm regulations, please contact us if you are interested in the availability of this item. Credit cards will not be accepted as a form of payment. Thank you.

Additional Information

Every aspect of the Z-Extra HR has been planned to achieve the best performance to break the target in sport shooting. The sense of familiarity immediately perceived is very powerful. The HR model naturally leads your eyes on the target, offering a perfect view that translates into a perceivable comfort for neck and shoulder. Model Z-Extra HR is fitted with an 11 mm, adjustable tapered rib that, thanks to a simple washer, can change the impact point from 50/50 to 70/30. The standard stock is an off-set Monte Carlo, offering ideal pitch and slightly rounded comb combined with an embossed pistol grip: a comfortable stock, ideal to make the most of the high rib. The success of Zoli HR models is mainly due to the perfect match between the barrel/stock assembly and the shooter. Model Z-Extra has an English style engraving mixed with some scrolling. The Z-Gun logo, a gold inlay on both action sides and back, pleasantly stands out against the antique silver of the base. This finishing combined with a durable protection ensure a high degree of corrosion resistance.

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