Will Primos: Founder Primos Hunting

I really wanted to get better and more consistent with a shotgun.

Wing shooting has always been something I pursued. Hunting wild birds, seeing the country and all the diverse habitats is a joy for me. At 67 I wanted to be a better wing shot and since I have hunted since the age of 5 I had a lot of bad habits. I heard about John Woolley so I gave him a call and told him my story.

John took me from not really knowing what I was doing to understanding the 6 Fundamentals of properly shooting a shotgun. To say I have been pleased with my progress is an understatement. I have taken lessons from John when he has been in my area and I have traveled to St. Augustine to be coached by John and get some real focus.The first step was to learn The Woolley Way and learn to apply Woolley's 6 Shotgunning Fundamentals.

When I was ready, after learning the basics, John fit me for an Over & Under so my gun mount would be consistent. My confidence began to grow big time as I began to break more clays with a shotgun that properly fit me.My first passion has always been for English side by sides. How you handle & mount a side by side is a little different than that of an Over & Under so the side by side gun fit is different to accomplish a proper consistent gun mount. John figured it out and I had all my side x side's stocks changed to fit me properly with Woolley’s measurements. My goal, no matter whether I was in the field chasing wild quail with a side by side or shooting on the Sporting Clay range, was for a consistent gun mount and for shooting success that would bring a smile to my face.

Well I now have a permanent smile on my face, BIG TIME! It has been a joy to shoot with John Woolley. If you want to improve your score you gotta let John teach you the Woolley Way!!

Michael Blalock

As a clays shooter for years, I've taken advantage of instruction to improve my skills and scores with mixed results. But after meeting John and spending two hours with him, I can honestly say it's very rare to find a coach so talented in cutting to the chase identifying changes specifically needed to significantly improve your abilities. John was able to immediately see and instruct me in areas I need to break more birds with consistency. Past sessions with other coaches have not identified for me specific actions that immediately improved my shooting to this degree... Leaving me with a feeling of time and money wasted. Not so with John! He pointed out these specific needs and helped me put them to practice, making it fun and effective - with an style that made it easy to do! Will practice what you've taught me and be back for more, John! Best investment I've made in clays - much better than just pounding out cases of shells, while repeating bad habits without improvement. Thanks and my best wishes!


John Woolley is the man! I am a life-long game shooter, and when I was just getting into sporting clays a NSCA Master Class life-long friend suggested I go see John Wooley to fit me for, and buy, a sporting clays gun. John did a “dry” fit in his office (which is the extent of most gun “fitters” fitting) then we went out on the course to shoot the several different brands of guns John had to see which one I preferred and for John to see how the gun I chose needed “tweeking” for the perfect fit. As part of this fit process, John went through his full first lesson process – awesome! Immediately I was busting clays I never thought I could break. I left with a great gun and a firm foundation for busting clays. I practiced what John had taught me on my own and immediately saw dramatic improvement. 

I have been back several times for lessons for John to add to the foundation we established. I have heard horror stories from friends who are shooters of other instructors who “break down” the shooters current shooting methodology to “build up” the shooter using that instructors’ “way”. Not John. John gently suggests improvements in my shooting to try, tweeks to improve my shooting in my own style, that always work.  John’s methodology is to always help, never admonish, never berate, never act superior and always be patient. As we have gotten to know each other he has learned I want him to take me to the hardest station on the course and sit patiently with me, tweeking, suggesting, helping until I “get it” and can repeatedly break that hard target.

John originally told me I needed a custom stock for the original shotgun I picked to have the perfect fit. I was reluctant to spend the money for a custom stock just getting into the sport and John said to think about it and that we had a host of other things to work on until the gun fit was the one remaining issue keeping me from busting 100 targets. Then, last summer John called and said he had a prototype gun that I needed to shoot that would negate the need for a custom stock. He was right, that gun fit like a glove and I ordered the production version of that gun. 

I have bought three guns now from John and we are discussing a fourth – the original 12 gauge, a 3 barrel sub-gauge set and the replacement for the original 12 gauge that is the perfect fit.  For each of the three guns I have now, John has either traded in shotguns I already had or has sold the guns I had for me at a very reasonable commission. I believe he has given me (or gotten for me) the best price available in the market at that time.  

Whatever you are looking for - lessons, coaching, a gun, gun fit, or a great friend - John Woolley is your guy.

Hugh Holman

I would like to express my appreciation for the great experience of my purchase of a new CG (Caesar Guerini) Summit Ltd 12ga. that I received from John Woolley and Nick McGlory at Woolley Shooting Clinic in St. Augustine Florida. It was a 3 hour ride from my home but well worth the trip. I’m recommending them to my friends. The service and friendly atmosphere during the calls and emails preceding my visit were unparalleled. My next CG (Caesar Guerini) purchase will be with them for sure


The time that you (John) took with me at the Seminole Cup back in the middle of March is why I bought a Caesar Guerini. Actually I was not in the market for a new shotgun. However, you did such a marvelous job in going over all the details of a Caesar Guerini, and answering my questions with regards to those guns.

John Weaver

This past weekend I spent time with Dale Bouchillon (a Sales Representative for John Woolley) in order to purchase a new Blaser F3 Luxus Sporting.  Dale spent the entire morning (Saturday) switching barrels for the new Vantage to the standard barrels and the different stocks in order to fit me the best.  Later that day we shot part of the course at Forest City Gun Club and Dale provided some much needed advice.  He did point out several times the importance of really focusing on a part of the clay.  This aspect of shooting I did know but have had immense trouble.  Dale communicated in such a way that it did get through my thick head and in an amusing way.  I felt that we really communicated on a level that was fun yet very instructive and productive.

Dale certainly went the extra mile to the degree of calling John Woolley and asking him to pick out a very nice piece of wood.  Mr. Woolley picked out a stock and forearm and dropped it off early Monday morning on his way North.  The wood he chose went far and above my expectations.  I know the wood grain and color doesn’t break any targets but it’s nice to show off. LOL
I am extremely pleased through the entire process. 

Thank you John and Dale.

R Storek

I attended one of your shooting clinics recently and wanted to compliment you on your clinic. I found the facilities and teaching to be first rate. I liked your style of communicating with the students, it was easy to follow, you have a knack of getting your point across without making students feel inferior.

I think it was a touch of class to have the lunches and dinner in your home, of course mostly due to Gretchen’s excellent meals. It was a great place to get to know you and the other students. I felt welcome and I learned a great deal, I will definitely be back. Thanks very much and a special thanks to Gretchen

Lydon Murtha - Miami Dolphins #76

Shooting with the Best in the Business John Woolley! Anyone wanting the best teacher who is a technician and oiled machine, talk to John! I went from hitting nothing to dusting some very hard shots in a half hour of his lesson. Thanks John! And thank you Gretchen for all your help too and taking some awesome shots of my experience.

Kimball Straw

John, Great clinic! Very beneficial. You and Gretchen make it not only instructive, but a lot of fun too.


Robert Chew

John and Gretchen, I just want to let you know again how much I thoroughly enjoyed my 3-day clinic. There was great camaraderie, lively banter, and wonderful food and wine throughout – and thank God the weather co-operated. Despite John frequently imploring me, time and again, to keep my head still, turn my nose, “Eleven o’clock, Bob”, more right arm, and of course LATB, I know I made real progress because finally by the afternoon of day-3 I was breaking Tim’s clays, where he – and the others – had been dusting mine for 2 days straight. Ha! I know by the time we return to Florida in October I’ll probably be ready for a refresher course. John, I wish you great success in your upcoming competitions. 

John Skuse

Dear Gretchen & John, It was my pleasure to have been your guest last week. The shooting was, as always, both instructive and enjoyable. I always take something away and (believe it or not) find myself improved in some manner. The Clinic offered a surprise at every station and we all found the lack of predictability most refreshing. The daily lunches at your home were a success both in great food and offering everyone a chance to socialize and get to know each other. The Wednesday night dinner rivaled any restaurant and offered a cordial setting for me and my wine swilling friends to relax. A pleasure to meet your obviously intelligent and well mannered daughters; you should bring them out more frequently. Lastly, After a hard three days of slugging it out with the “Big Boy targets” we marveled at Nick’s easy manner and precision at the last station. I would like to have him join us; He is most pleasant and outgoing. You both have developed a successful home life along with the best in shooting. I hope to see you in Rochester if possible and if not, in Yulee next spring. All the best. 

Greg Kuta

John, Thank you so much for an outstanding shooting experience at your clinic. Many thanks to Gretchen for her wonderful lunches and the dinner on St. Patrick’s Day. Susan enjoyed the hospitality and for the 1st time your wonderful oysters. Best Regards.

Mike Sanchez

John: I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the help you have given me. I said that to you yesterday, but I wanted you to know that I sincerely mean it. In sporting clays all I ever wanted to be able to say was that I switched from right to left and made it to A class, and I never could have done that without your help and encouragement. 


Steve Thacker

I would like to thank John for the clinic at Sarasota as it made a WORLD of difference in my shooting. I shot our course last weekend and only hit a 49/100. This week, I shot a 76/100 on the same course! It pays to see the bird! My shooting buddies could not believe it and several said I should never sell the new gun. The gun was great, but the reason I was hitting birds was a direct result of John’s training in the fundamentals of sporting clays shooting. We hope to see him again at our club! 


Rick Holder

My first lesson with John was in 34 degree weather with rain and sleet coming down. Not what you would pick for shooting and yet John was able to get me to focus and to work on the core elements of move, mount, and shoot. By the end of the lesson I was not even aware of the cold and I had a good foundation as to what I need to work on to become a better shooter. Thanks John

Tim Bettis

John: Just wanted to thank you for a fun time and a great learning experience. To be able to shoot at hundreds of targets with expert guidance certainly helps reinforce proper shooting habits. Your shooting facility is a great place to learn and shoot. Thanks again to you and Gretchen for your hospitality. The group I shot with all had a wonderful time together and I will be back again. Best Wishes. 

Richard Bell

I have purchased two Zoli shotguns from John and both experiences allowed me to define his work ethic and moral fiber. John insisted on making my purchase experiences good ones by going the extra distance to implement customer satisfaction. Knowing that you can do business with someone when changes or adjustments must be made speaks volumes of the acquired trust that is developed in that partnership.

David T. Dobson – NCSA Level III Instructor

I have known John since 2000, and he has always been the epitomy of a Gentleman and is certainly one of the premier Instructors in the world today. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to take their game to the next level, regardless of whetehr you are a beginner or in Masters Class.

Gary Fitzjarrell

For years I was unable to develop any consistency in my shooting. I was up one weekend and down the next, never being able to hold on to what I had the week before. John helped me develop a game plan that I was able to use to tackle the challenges I faced. With John’s help, I was able to elevate my game and be consistent from one week unto the next. From this consistency I developed the confidence to win.

Wendell Cherry

I was lucky enough to learn the proper technique from John in the beginning which gave me the solid foundation I needed to become a champion.

Gregg Wolf – 2002 Junior World FITASC Champion

I haven’t had a coach up here in Minnesota since 1997 when I won the sub-junior national championship. Since then whenever I get the chance I get with John, he always gets me back on track. The results, 3 national and world championship wins since then.

Richard McCready

Taking lessons from John has given me a system to break any target. It can be a crosser, looper, Teal or Rabbit with Look at the Bird and Move,Mount,Shoot you can break any target.