Gun Fitting

John offers professional gun fitting for all shooters and is known for find the "perfect gun for you". Depending on you personal needs, John can help you find a gun that fits you off the shelf, or , using a fully adjustable try gun, he can determine your specific individual gun measurements which you can then take to a gunsmith and have a custom stock made.  The fitting requires approximately 2 hours. 

Individual Instruction

One-on-one instruction targeted to your specific needs. Initial lesson requires a 2 hour commitment. We recommend a minimum of one hour a month follow-up instruction to hone your skills, recognize real improvement and establish proper shooting techniques. 

Group Instruction

Preferably groups of 3 people for 3 1/2 hours. Group Instruction is most effective when participants possess a similar skill level. Groups that regularly shoot practice rounds together will reinforce the instructor's lesson plans. 

Three Day Clinics

John offers three day, intensive clinics for groups of 6 people. The group shoots with John for three rigorous days. Clients finish with a firm understanding of the proper techniques for shooting any target presentation. 

Corporate Entertainment

John will entertain your clients for an entire day in groups as large as 16 people. He will teach proper procedures for safe gun handling, instruct beginners in basic shooting skills and help more seasoned shooters hone their abilities. St. Augustine, Florida, our current location, is perfect for corporate entertainment. There is shopping, many golf courses, beautiful beaches and meeting facilities.