Blaser F3

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F3 Game

Well balanced weight distribution, low weight and stylish design best describe the winning formula which makes the F3 Game an excellent choice for the passionate hunter or wingshooter (Trap and Skeet).

Sporting Stock | Slender, Classic English Style Forearm | Slip Rubber Recoil Pad | Stock balancer | Nickel Silver Front Bead

F3 Competition Sporting

Three different barrel lengths for Sporting, Compak Sporting and Olympic Skeet make the F3 Competition Sporting the interdisciplinary parter of ambitious sports shooters. 

Competition Barrels | Stock Balancer | Schnabel Forearm | Slip Rubber Recoil Pad | Schnabel Forearm

F3 Game Competition

Merging specific hunting qualities with competition properties make a perfect shotgun for hunting, Trap, Skeet and Compak Sporting as well as occasional Sporting. 

Sporting Stock | Schnabel Forearm | Slip Rubber Recoil Pad | Barrel and Stock balancer | Schnabel Forearm

F3 SuperTrap

Due to the perfect combination of overall weight, balance and weight distribution, the F3 SuperTrap is the champions companion par excellence. You can choose the Over & Under version, the Under-Single version or a combination of both, the F3 Super Trap Combo.

Semi Beaver Tail Forearm with Grip | Adjustable Rib | Stock with adjustable comb, varnish finish | KickEez rubber recoil pad | Midbead and front bead

F3 Vantage

The latest addition to the F3 family, the F3 Vantage has superior target acquisition and enhanced shooter comfort. The unique forward rake design creates no visual distraction when mounting and seamlessly leaves the most challenging targets as a could of dust. 

Vantage Barrels | Super Sport Straight Stock | Barrel and Stock Balancer | Schabel Forearm | KickEez rubber recoil pad | HIVZ bead kit

F3 SuperSport

The F3 SuperSport is an expert in FITASC, English as well as American Sporting and becomes more and more popular among Olympic Trap competition shooters. By lifting or lowering the adjustable rib, the shooter can adjust the pattern according to his individual needs. 

Adjustable Rib | Stock with adjustable comb | Schabel Forearm | KickEez rubber recoil pad | Barrel and Stock Balancer | Free floating barrels | Midbead and front bead

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      Pick Your Model Version


      Black action | Golden-colored F3 Logo | Wood Grade 4

      F3 Luxus

      Engraving Options: Classic game scene engraving with ducks and pheasants framed with Fine English Scroll or pure ornament engraving with Fine English Scroll | Wood Grade 5

      F3 Attaché

      Velvet black action with gold colored trigger (titanium nitrated) | F3 logo | "F" and "S" markings on safety catch inlaid in Gold | Wood Grade 7

      F3 Grand Luxe

      Deep engraved action with game scene: side plates with partridge on the right and pheasant on the left framed by a combination of leaf arabesques and Old German arabesques | Wood Grade 5

      F3 Baronesse

      Engraving options: game scene with duck and pheasant framed with Fine English Scroll or FIne English Scroll engraving on side plates and action | Gold-colored trigger | Wood Grade 7
      Engraving Samples.png

      Upgraded Wood Options

       Color and grain vary within each grade. The stocks shown are samples. 

      Color and grain vary within each grade. The stocks shown are samples. 

       Color and grain vary within each grade. The stocks shown are samples. 

      Color and grain vary within each grade. The stocks shown are samples.